Helpful Hints

"Local knowledge is invaluable in a fire situation." - Stephen Walls, CFA State Control Centre spokesman [The Age, 8 January, 2010]


Here in the Walhalla & Mountain Rivers Region we have a saying "always ask a local for the best advice".

This not only covers where is a nice place to eat, or where you can go swimming, but also for advice on bushfire safety and conditions.

All visitors to the Walhalla & Mountain Rivers Region need to be well informed of weather conditions and the Fire Danger Rating before travelling and when you’re in our region.

There are a wide range of options available to you to source information before and as you travel.

These include ABC Local Radio [100.7FM in Gippsland], commercial radio or Sky News television, visit or call the Victorian Bushfire Information Line on 1800 240 667.

Just remember, in some mountainous locations such as Walhalla, you may not get mobile telephone service or radio coverage as you are travelling and we suggest that you contact your local host or tour operator for up-to-date information before you leave home.

We would like to ensure that visitors are well informed.

Therefore, before you leave home check ABC Local Radio, commercial radio, Sky News television, visit or the Victorian Bushfire Information Line and talk to a local when you arrive and throughout your holiday.

Our members want you to travel, be safe, be happy, and enjoy your visit to the Walhalla & Mountain Rivers region.

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